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September, 24

Remote Warfare and Private Military and Security Contractors

Christopher Kinsey and Helene Olsen from King’s College London join the podcast to discuss private military and security contractors and their role in remote warfare.

September, 14

China’s growing presence in the Gulf

The recent development of a Chinese base in Djibouti and increasing arms sales to the Gulf from China are significant additions in the Gulf–China relationship.


With increasing collaboration on high-technology projects,

China’s presence in the Gulf will likely continue to grow into the future.

September, 03

How a flexible zoning system would end the UK housing crisis

Drawing concerning comparisons with the ‘shortage economies’ of the former Eastern Bloc,

Anthony Breach argues that our discretionary, case-by-case planning system rations land, restricts the supply of new homes and decreases affordability.


He calls for the UK to scrap this approach and adopt a flexible zoning system,

as seen in countries such as Japan and parts of the USA.

August, 07

Climate Action in the European Union

Host Jason Bordoff is joined by someone who has been at the forefront of the EU’s response,

Executive Vice President of the European Commission in Charge of the European Green Deal,

Frans Timmermans.

August, 07

Radical Uncertainty

John Kay and Mervyn King talk about their book, Radical Uncertainty, with EconTalk host Russ Roberts.


This is a wide-ranging discussion based on the book looking at rationality, decision-making under uncertainty, and the economists’ view of the world.

June, 20

How our flying habits will change

While history shows us that it can take over two years for an aviation demand shock to return to normal,

many people now forecast a permanent drop in travel, particularly for business.


We argue business and personal travel will remain, however, the way people book will change the transport industry.