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November, 26

Xi Runs This Town

This podcast provides the listeners with a deep dive into the outcomes of the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th Party Congress and the implications for China’s economic planning, PLA reform, foreign policy, anti-corruption effort, and censorship.


Dr. Oriana Skylar Mastro, assistant professor of security studies at Georgetown University, and Christopher Johnson, chair of the CSIS Freeman Chair in China Studies are assessing the takeaways across Chinese politics.


Center for Strategic and International Studies

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November, 12

China’s 19th Communist Party Congress—What Does It Mean for F&A?

Asia Pacific Strategist Michael Every assesses the wash-up for food companies and farmers in Australia and New Zealand.

July, 02

Japan’s Security Renaissance

After seventy years of low-profile defense activities, Japan is poised to reinvent its national security posture.


Japan has not only oriented its own self-defense forces toward more practical activities in recent years, but has also cultivated security partnerships with countries including Australia, India, and Vietnam.


Further efforts to reform Japan’s forces will likely come up against Article 9 of Japan’s constitution, under which the country renounces the right to maintain a military and settle disputes by force.


Will the perceived threats be enough for President Shinzo Abe to gain popular support for reforming Article 9?

June, 29

Results, Not Receipts: Tackling Corruption in Development

Center for Global Development

Podcast with Charles Kenny


Some in the media would have you believe that large amounts of public money are being pocketed by corrupt officials, and that the only way to stop it is to cut foreign aid budgets. Meanwhile, aid agencies and others argue that foreign aid is necessary to save lives. How do we square these?

June, 08

Russia’s Quest for a New Security Order

At the DGAP’s new Strategy Group on Russia and the Eastern Partnership, Pavel Baev (professor at the Peace Research Institute, Oslo) discussed the logic and objectives of Russian security policy.


Juulia Barthel (DGAP) spoke with him about what drives Russia’s strategic approach and the resources available to fund its policies.

May, 28

The Liberal Order Is Rigged – Fix It Now or Watch It Wither

By Jeff D. Colgan and Robert O. Keohane




To derig the liberal order and stave off complete defeat at the hands of populists, however, traditional parties must do more than rebrand themselves and their ideas. They must develop substantive policies that will make globalization serve the interests of middle- and working-class citizens. Absent such changes, the global liberal order will wither away.