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November, 23

The market takes shape: The Ukrainian gas sector to 2030

Ukraine continues to make progress towards fuller integration with the European gas market.

November, 03

A conversation with President Trump’s former Chief of Staff ( Mick Mulvaney )

Australia has managed its US relationship exceedingly well under President Trump

but what risks and opportunities lie ahead for Australia and its national interests under either election outcome ?

October, 15

Can impact bonds help solve the global education crisis ?

How to achieve the financing required to deliver quality education ?


One solution links payment to achievement of outcomes through social and development impact bonds.

October, 03

Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict Could Drag in Russia and Turkey

Last weekend, fighting broke out in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region, reigniting a frozen conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.


The New York Times’ Andrew Kramer and Chatham House’s Laurence Broers examine what the conflict could mean for the region and Russia’s broader competition with Turkey for power.

September, 24

Remote Warfare and Private Military and Security Contractors

Christopher Kinsey and Helene Olsen from King’s College London join the podcast to discuss private military and security contractors and their role in remote warfare.

September, 14

China’s growing presence in the Gulf

The recent development of a Chinese base in Djibouti and increasing arms sales to the Gulf from China are significant additions in the Gulf–China relationship.


With increasing collaboration on high-technology projects,

China’s presence in the Gulf will likely continue to grow into the future.