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March, 30

What’s in the Senate’s $2 trillion economic package?

Jay Shambaugh explains the different assistance programs for individuals and businesses,


how the bill creatively boosts unemployment insurance,


and what policymakers’ next move should be to continue protecting workers and the economy.

March, 30

The case for ‘10 percent less democracy’

Do politicians behave worse when they’re up for re-election?


How effective and accountable can non-elected policymakers be?


And has the government’s response to COVID-19 bolstered or weakened the case for democracy?

March, 30

Spying: Hiding in Plain Sight

Spycraft has always excited people, with stories of daring agents using high-tech wizardry to bust terrorists in the act.


But the reality is much less glamorous—and much more dangerous.


As spying entered the 1960s, technology started to play a serious role in getting intel.

March, 08

Dark money: How to reform Australia’s political donations system

Listen to Kate Griffiths, fellow for the Budget Policy and Institutional Reform program, in discussion with host Kat Clay, on how to reform Australia’s political donations system.

January, 10

AI Will Affect Better-paid Workers, but Will it Displace them?

How will artificial intelligence (AI) affect work?


While it seems likely that automation and robotics will impact, or even displace, jobs on the lower-end of the income and education spectrum, AI may have impacts on better-paid and more educated workers, according to new research from Mark Muro, Robert Maxim, and Jacob Whiton.


December, 12

Why is Political Discontent Rocking Latin America?

Unrest is sweeping Latin America.

Recent months have seen demonstrations in Chile and Ecuador.

In Bolivia, demonstrations triggered a constitutional crisis and the departure of long-time President Evo Morales.


What explains this explosion of popular discontent?

Are the demonstrations unique to their country’s circumstances or do they reflect broader trends in Latin America?


This episode’s guest is Dr. Francisco Monaldi.

He is the Fellow in Latin American Energy Policy at the Baker Institute’s Center for Energy studies.