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April, 09

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

GAO experts talk about why cybersecurity is crucial for the nation’s critical infrastructure sectors;


who’s involved,

what role the federal government plays,

and what can be done to make these areas safer.

April, 09

The Trump Administration’s Peace Plan

Four expert,

including former Palestinian and American peace negotiators and a veteran congressional foreign policy analyst,


share their views of the ramifications of the peace plan for the Middle East

and for domestic politics in Israel, the United States, and the Palestinian Authority.

March, 30

Chinese Investments in South Caucasus

→ Chinese investments in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia,


→ implications for the region,


→ and the responses of Russia and the United States.

March, 30

What’s in the Senate’s $2 trillion economic package?

Jay Shambaugh explains the different assistance programs for individuals and businesses,


how the bill creatively boosts unemployment insurance,


and what policymakers’ next move should be to continue protecting workers and the economy.

March, 30

The case for ‘10 percent less democracy’

Do politicians behave worse when they’re up for re-election?


How effective and accountable can non-elected policymakers be?


And has the government’s response to COVID-19 bolstered or weakened the case for democracy?

March, 30

Spying: Hiding in Plain Sight

Spycraft has always excited people, with stories of daring agents using high-tech wizardry to bust terrorists in the act.


But the reality is much less glamorous—and much more dangerous.


As spying entered the 1960s, technology started to play a serious role in getting intel.