December, 25

Afraid of Trade?

The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg


As The Remnant enters double digits, Jonah journeys into the international marketplace, with Cato Institute trade scholar and trade lawyer Scott Lincicome as his guide. Jonah and Scott defend free trade, and try to answer its critics.

December, 07

The North Korean Nuclear Threat: The View From Beijing

> Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


This episode of DiploPod features a conversation with the director of the Carnegie–Tsinghua Center, focuses on President Trump’s trip to Asia and the view from Beijing of the North Korean nuclear threat.


What could be a red line for the Chinese government in light of North Korean nuclear actions?


The discussion seeks to address the following: when it comes to foreign policy towards North Korea, are United States and China aligned and how is the approach of the current North Korean leadership different from the previous?