April, 30

Opportunities for Gas in Sub-Saharan Africa

In this podcast David Ledesma interviews Mike Fulwood, Senior Research Fellow at the OIES, to discuss his recent paper “Opportunities for Gas in Sub-Saharan Africa”.


The discussion centres on those countries where gas might displace oil in the generation mix and the prospects for gas to contribute to the electrification of the region alongside renewables.


The development of new domestic gas reserves in East Africa especially is likely to contribute to growth but there are also a number of countries looking to import LNG as a more economic and greener option than oil.

April, 22

The Gender Pay Gap reporting measures

The free weekly magazine for women, Stylist magazine, says “…women ask for the legislation.


Women talk to their employers.


Women do everything they can and, despite it all, the gender pay gap is getting bigger.”


In today’s podcast, IEA Digital Manager Darren Grimes is joined by Kate Andrews, Associate Director at the IEA.


April, 03

Huawei and the Race for 5G, the Latest Generation of Cellphone Communication

5G, the next generation of high-speed wireless, could change everything about mobile computing.


But there are also national security concerns.


We’ll explore what 5G actually is and what it will bring.

April, 03

Has the United States Reached a Turning Point on Liberalization of Marijuana Laws?

The nationwide trend towards removing or lowering penalties for marijuana use and possession is gaining momentum.


22 states have passed some form of decriminalization.


Even conservative Texas is considering legislation that would sharply reduce penalties.


What are the benefits of liberalizing our laws on marijuana?

Are there any downsides?

April, 03

Mental health and the work–life balance

What should employers be doing to keep us well?

And what language should we use when we talk about mental health?


Poppy Jaman OBE, Chief Executive of City Mental Health Alliance, chats with Helen McKenna about mental health in the workplace, and shares her advice for future leaders.

April, 03

Understanding the Middle East

Emile Hokayem, IISS Senior Fellow for Middle East Security, joins Dr Kori Schake for this episode of Sounds Strategic.


Emile and Kori give a masterclass in understanding the Middle East and political violence.


Emile explains the misconceptions surrounding the state of Iraq before the 2003 invasion.

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