September, 28

The Edge of Humanity

In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Yuval Noah Harari about his new book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.


They discuss the importance of meditation for his intellectual life, the primacy of stories, the need to revise our fundamental assumptions about human civilization, the threats to liberal democracy, a world without work, universal basic income, the virtues of nationalism, the implications of AI and automation, and other topics.

September, 24

Ulrike Franke: European Defense Policy

EWI Senior Fellow Franz-Stefan Gady discusses European defense policy with Ulrike Franke, Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations.


German national interests and the concept of “strategic autonomy.”


Franke says that “for too long, Europe-and particularly Germany-have relied too much on the support and protection of the United States.”

September, 22

Helping Skilled Workers Reenter the Workforce

What needs to be done to improve the workforce?


One place to start is with getting skilled workers back into the labor market.


Monica Herk, Vice President of Education Research, sits down with Mike Petro to help explain the issue.

September, 19

How China Is Winning the Global A.I. Race

Artificial Intelligence (AI), already exists in our phones, homes, and cars.


Now, it’s expanding to the military.


But with government defense programs in China, the United States, and India investing in research and development of AI technology, what are the risks with relying on AI?


In this episode of the Abridged podcast,  Heather Roff , an associate fellow at the Leverhulme Center for the Future of Intelligence at the University of Cambridge,  Josh Marcuse , the executive director of the Defense Innovation Board at the US Department of Defense, and  R Shashank Reddy , a researcher with Carnegie India, discusses the competition between China and the US and what it means for the future of the military.

September, 10

‘Work in the age of robots’; Has classical music been forgotten?

On this episode of Radio Free Acton, John Couretas, Executive Producer of Radio Free Acton, interviews Mark Mills, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, on his new book “Work in the Age of Robots”, about what our jobs and the future of AI might look like.


Then, on the Upstream segment, Bruce Edward Walker talks to Jay Nordlinger, Senior Editor of National Review about Classical music: are people still listening to it nowadays and why is it important?

September, 08

Of Eurasia, in 44 Minutes – Russian Roulette Episode 63

In this episode, Olya and Jeff sit down with Bill Courtney for a complete tour d’Eurasie.


Bill is an adjunct senior fellow at the RAND Corporation and a former career foreign service officer.

He served as ambassador to Georgia, Kazakhstan, and the U.S.-Soviet Bilateral Consultative Commission, and covered Russia and Eurasia on the NSC.

We discuss the Russian economy, from taxi drivers and pension reform to sanctions and business conditions, and recent developments in Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Armenia.


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