November, 09

French Connection: Macron’s plans for Europe

Recently, French president Emmanuel Marcon presented a massive investment plan – “France 2030”.


The roadmap sketches out France’s digital and green transformation and is meant to set up the country – as well as Europe – for growth and success ahead of the French EU Council presidency.

November, 09

What can German reunification teach the UK about levelling up?

When Germany reunified in 1990, productivity in the former East was just 60% of that in the West and people in places such as Leipzig and Dresden were less prosperous than those in Frankfurt or Munich.


Over the last three decades the German Federal Government has worked to close this gap and, though it still exists, prosperity and economic productivity in the former East Germany has now almost caught up with the West.

July, 02

A conversation with US Indo-Pacific Command’s Adm. Philip Davidson

What investments does the Department of Defense need to make to fund a conventional deterrence strategy for defending US interests in the Indo-Pacific?


How have issues along the Sino-Indian border and in Oceania shaped Adm. Davidson’s tenure?

July, 02

PolicyMap helps us understand trends in our communities and chart a path to recovery

An interactive mapping service helps leaders to quickly visualize and understand the trends within their communities.


The data can reveal racial and economic disparities, identify areas lacking essential services, and help with planning where to deploy various resources and supports.

July, 02

Digitizing the Barter Economy

In an attempt to overcome the communication barriers of traditional barter exchanges, Josh Kline founded HaveNeed — an app that lets users pay for what they “need” with what they “have.”

July, 02

Are charter schools hurting traditional public schools?

Over the past several decades, a considerable body of research has looked at whether charter schools benefit students who choose to enroll in them.


More recently, researchers have turned their attention to a related question: Is the expansion of the charter school sector harming students who remain in traditional public schools?

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